2016 Victorian High Tea

One of the most popular items at the Victorian High Tea besides the fabulous raffle prizes has been the Best Hat and Best Table Contests which started in 2010.

Both events are conducted as “People’s Choice” and the Tea guests take their responsibility as judges quite seriously, touring all the tables and listening carefully as each Hat Lady gives her name and reason for choosing to wear a particular chapeau.

besthatwinnersThe winners in the Best Hat Contest were:  First Place Marilyn MIravette-Smith (4th from the left), Second Place Amy Arroyo (far left) and Third Place Ola Washington (2nd from left).

The First Place Best Table, decorated to honor Relay for Life, was won by Tracy Sisson Philips and Dawne Hamilton while Second Place went to Amy Arroyo and Third Place to Debbie Hernandez.

Tea Hostesses served a record number of guests this year.  We greatly appreciate the hospitality provided by Beverly Kelley, Cathy Thomason, Cathy Penprase, Sylvia Munoz-Schnopp, Edna Ingram, Catherine Ingram-Mehari, Tracy; Sisson-Phillips, Natalie Ferentz, Lauryn Jaramillo, Jonnie Lisman, Bonnie Goldstein, JOanne Gibson, Laurie Richardson, Amy Arroyo, Rosemary Tobin, Paula Sullivan, Ellen Rosen, Jackie Lpock.

If you thought the food was delicious, many of our contributors were kind enough to share their receipes.  You can find your favorite sandwich, sweet or savory here.

A special thank you to door prize donors:  Anacappuccino, Pizza Man Dan, Island Packers, Yolanda’s Restaurant, Karen Reilly, Cathy Thomason, Lani Byhoffer, Loise Adailkkalam, Rebecca Rubalcava, Cathy Penprase, Beverly Kelley, Bonnie Goldstein, Erma Waddell, Carol Melugin, PHo Saigon Restaurant, Chinese Dumpling House Restaurant, and Arlene Fraser.

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