Most Successful Ever Boutique

FullSizeRender[5]FullSizeRender[4]FullSizeRender[3]FullSizeRender[2]FullSizeRender[1]FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender[4]The whole point of the Holiday Book and Gift Boutique is not to make money but rather to make affordable gifts available to those members of our community who want to give friends and family the perfect gift but haven’t acquired the financial means to do so.  At the Sixth Annual Holiday Book and Gift Boutique, more than one hundred individuals were able to find something for each and every person on their respective shopping lists.

We always love waiting on the little kids who count out their allowance money. quarter by quarter, and who swear us to secrecy as we wrap up their selections for Mommy and Daddy or Sister and Brother.

This year, however, we were especially impressed with a beautiful white-haired woman in a wheelchair.  She was going to wrap up one of the like-new stuffed animals for a 90-year-old friend who lives in  a convalescent home because, in her words, she wanted “to spread the smiles around.”

Credit for the success of this event certainly goes to all the people who donated jewelry, scarves, holiday housewares, Christmas books, stuffed animals and all the other goods that covered the 25 cent, 50-cent, $1, and $3-$5 tables.  We also want to single out for special mention first,  Jonnie Lisman who supervised the pricing of the items over several days by loyal bookies and board members ( Carol Melugin, Nancy Robarge, Carolyn Heiser, and Bonnie Goldstein); second,  JoAnn Van Reenan who managed the volunteers (Cathy Thomason, Cathy Penprase, Lorena Arroyo, Rosemary Tobin, Jonnalyn Cabarles, Arlene Fraser, Blanca Smith, Bernadette McDowell and Beverly Kelley) who set up the tables, cashiered, bagged purchases, helped out the customers and restocked the tables as necessary.

JoAnn, who is also our Treasurer, reported that we made more than $630 this year but even though that’s the highest profit we have ever made, it also indicates that we saw the biggest crowds turnout.  The sheer number of shoppers told us that  even though the recession is supposedly over, it’s not yet time to bring this community outreach program to an end.  Our customers also told us that they really appreciated this opportunity to fill stockings and remember everybody at this special time of  year.

A very special shout out goes to Debbie Hernandez and Becky Rubalcava who brought in the muscle power needed to set up and break down the tables and to move furniture in order to make a space for the sale.

Finally, a very special thank you is extended to Bernadette McDowell and the rest of her staff for graciously hosting this event at the Prueter Library as well as to Sienna Sydlaske who was simultaneously heading up a Star Wars party in the children’s section of the library and which helped bring in even more shoppers to our event as well.

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