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Call for Donations

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1425503_662650973756767_1122437058_nOur Annual Holiday Book and Gift Boutique is just a little over a month away (December 7th from 12PM-3PM).  Have you cleaned out your closet yet?

For those of you who don’t know, the Holiday Book and Gift Boutique is more of a community service than a fundraiser for the library (although we do hope to raise some funds for our children’s programs!).   All items donated by the Friends are sold to local children and community members for super-affordable prices (25 cents to $10).  If you are able, we ask that you think about donating any gently-used jewelry, scarves, purses, ties, toys or other gift-type items as well as Christmas books to this special sale.  Donations can be dropped off during library hours until December 2nd.

Happy holidays and thank you for your generosity!

12th Annual Victorian High Tea is Quickly Approaching!

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Join us Sunday, October 20th from 2:00-4:00pm for our 12th annual Victorian High Tea!  From the delicious finger foods, live classical guitar, best hat competition and raffle this is sure to be a fantastic event!  Tickets are available now through Saturday, October 12th for only $30 per person.

Please contact Paula Sullivan ( or call 805 984 8264 with any questions.

Janice Sturgiss Wins Basket

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Janice Sturgiss Wins Basket

Janice Sturgiss of Port Hueneme won the Gift Basket at the Hueneme Beach Festival that contained a Going Bananas! Cookbook, Gift Certificate for a year’s membership in the Friends, free used book at Lobby Shop, chrome banana stand, Farberware bread pan, Banana Chips from Trader Joes, Going Bananas! apron, pot holders and flip flops, and last but not least; a banana-shaped banana cutter.

Introducing Our Going Bananas! Cookbook

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Banana whips and banana chips
banana cakes and banana shakes.
What does it take in order to make
banana babootie or a banana crepe?
Now you will be able to create
whatever banana thingy you want on your plate!

We would like to introduce our Going Bananas! Cookbook!  Compiled by our board, this cookbook is full of well over 100 recipes featuring one of the Port of Hueneme’s biggest imports — the banana!

Going Bananas!

Order your copy today!

Some recipes include:

Holiday Banana Bread

Holiday Banana Bread

Balaboosta Latkes

Balaboosta Latkes

Banana Foster

Banana Foster

Sunday Banana Frittata

Sunday Banana Frittata

Banana Cream Cupcakes

Banana Cream Cupcakes

Plus many, many more!  All proceeds go to Friends of the Library to help us help the Ray D. Prueter Library! Cookbooks will be on sale for $10 during the Hueneme Beach Festival August 17-18 and the Hueneme Banana Festival September 28.  OR, you may order a copy by phone, email or snail mail.  Shipping is $5.60 for 1-3 cookbooks.

Please share with your friends!

29th Annual Meeting is big success

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ImageThe 29th Annual Meeting of the Friends on May 5, 2013 was highlighted by an extraordinary presentation on the history of the Channel Islands Harbor (based on her soon to be published book, Shifting Sands) by local author Cherie Brant.  She’s a gifted speaker and her topic couldn’t have been more timely given the expected sand nourishment shortfall and the subsequent loss of beach, come the next big storm. Her speech was followed by a question-and-answer period hosted by Councilmember Jon Sharkey who has been lobbying Washington DC on behalf of the city and consulting with the Corps of Engineers who are obligated by law to keeping sand on the beach.  The city of Port Hueneme is expected to declare a state of emergency given the history of property loss, especially after the 1996 January storms.  In honor of Cinco de Mayo, guests were served guacamole, chili con queso and plenty of tortilla chips.  As a surprise, anybody who became a member of the Friends of the Port Hueneme Library, received a gift certificate to a local business.  John Donohue and Ellen Rosen were the big winners.  We are still carrying on our Nonmember Membership Drive in which current members present a friend, relative or neighbor with a 12-month membership.  Not only do the new members get the newsletter and invitations to all Friends special events but they also receive a gift certificate for a free book in the Lobby Shop.  It’s not to late to give the gift that keeps on giving. 

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ImageDespite the lousy economy, we made $173 dollars more than the $500 last year.  That’s probably because of Jonnie Lisman’s marketing ideas.  This year folks who bought 50-cent books could get three for a dollar while those who purchased 25-cent books received five for a dollar.  The discount didn’t apply to children’s books, however, which are already priced so that anybody with kids can stock up.

ImageWe experienced liquid sunshine most of the morning so when Steven Alcrantz and his crew (Steve Stanbrough and Julio Ramirez) weren’t carrying books out to cars, they were kept busy mopping up the moisture that collected on the tables.  The sun never did break through but we still hosted a steady crowd of motivated buyers.

The set up crew probably set some kind of record—they were finished well before our ten o’clock opening.  They had plenty of time to chow down on donuts and freshly picked strawberries. A specially shout out goes to everybody who pitched in and helped.  In addition to Board members (Jonnie Lisman, Paula Sullivan, Beverly Kelley, Cathy Penprase, Nancy Vasquez & Nana, Barbara Burnett) and Bookies (Carol Melugin and Nancy Robarge), some very dedicated hubbies (Jon Sharkey, Tom Fraser, Tom Melugin, Michael Decka) showed up with their handcarts and brought out at least one hundred boxes of books.

ImageWe even stayed open until 4:30 PM to accommodate the late shoppers who hauled away the last of the Atlases and reference books.  Now we can get started on a new year of collecting, cleaning, pricing and selling.  Don’t forget to visit the Lobby Shop, which is open the same hours as the Prueter Library.  There will always be plenty of subjects and titles to peruse for pocket change.


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